Introduction to Civil Aviation Training Institute - CATI


Train human resource in the field of civil aviation to ensure safe and efficient air transport operations.


To be one of the best civil aviation training institutes in the world.


  1. Civil Aviation Training Institute (CATI) was established at Hyderabad in1982 under the aegis of ICAO to meet the needs of training in multifarious discipline of aviation i.e. Air Traffic Services, Engineering / Maintenance, Airport Management and Fire Fighting & Rescue Services. The complex, spread over an area of 230 acres on the eastern bank of the River Indus, which cradled one of the world's oldest civilizations by Moenjodaro, has a congenial atmosphere for training. It was developed not only to fulfill the national needs but also the needs of the region. CATI played a major role to overcome manpower problem to come at par to the augmented needs of rapidly increasing aviation activities in Pakistan. In recognition of services rendered, CATI was accorded Regional Status by ICAO in 1988. Since then regional trainees have also been trained in various fields as per request from parent countries. CATI, by imparting training in various fields of aviation, has not only helped third world countries in overcoming their trained manpower shortage but also trained nearly 12000 national trainees, it has done an outstanding job independently and successfully by catering for huge national demand as per CAA's requirement of skilled manpower capable of meeting the challenges of modern aviation. Sky has been made safer by provision of high quality skilled manpower to look after Navigational Aids, Communication and Air Traffic Services. CATI, after achieving its first goal i.e. provision of trained manpower for national requirement, is now planning to help other countries to meet their growing demand, by providing cost effective training as per ICAO standard.

  2. With the advent of new millennium, CATI has entered into new era of Broad Based Training Facility by arranging onsite training (distant location) and conducted non-regular courses. TRAINAIR activities were boosted up, to gain max benefit out of ICAO systematic approach. Accordingly 30 STP based courses have so far been procured and mostly implemented. Special emphasis has been given on Instructional Techniques Courses like ITC. Examination Techniques, OJT General order to improve teaching standard. CATI stands adamant to maintain high standard of training by ensuring strict quality control in respect of training expertise and course curriculum.
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